The Marriage Act is out of date.

 This naturally happens as time passes.
It has been amended 20 times since 1961 and it’s time to update it again.

Same-sex marriage doesn’t take anything from anybody, but it allows the value of every relationship to be treated equally and fairly. A change to the Marriage Act will allow two consenting adults of the same gender the ability to say, in front of their family and friends, “I do”. It will allow same-sex couples the opportunity to have their relationship respected and recognised under the law.

I believe in freedom, individual rights, the right for everyone to achieve their goals and aspirations without government getting involved.

I also believe in the importance of stable, loving relationships where individuals strengthen society by committing to mutually supporting one another.

Paul Ritchie’s words from the ‘Conservative Case for Same-Sex Marriage’ ring true:

“Allowing same-sex couples to marry is not just a matter of law. It’s also a matter of heart and soul. The institution of marriage affirms us as people; gives standing to our most significant relationship; and changes our families for the better. This is a conservative ideal.”

Our communities, our societies and our families are important to us. These pillars of society will be stronger when we allow all Australians to share in the joy of marrying the person they love. Only good things can come of this, and our country can only be better off by extending the right to marry to all Australians.

If you think your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters, your friends, your work colleagues and your neighbours, should be able to share their love and commitment in the same way as every other Australian, then VOTE YES.

If you believe in encouraging stable, loving relationships where individuals strengthen society by committing to mutually support one another, then VOTE YES.

If you want to help bring this country together, so that we can all move on from this issue, and if you believe in mutual respect, VOTE YES.

We urge Liberal and National supporters to VOTE YES. Yes to allowing same-sex couples the opportunity to marry and share their life with the one that they love.