Notice Negative Thoughts
One of most important concepts in Budhhist practice is that not all our thoughts are true or trustworthy. While our thoughts can be helpful, they can also sabotage us and our relationships. As a species, we are naturally prone to a negativity bias which can see many of ua wasting years compiling lists of our partners’ faults and past misdemeanours while overlooking their wealth of their positive qualities. This can be very damaging to our relationships. The Budhhist practice mindfulness —— noticing how we are feeling without judging it —— help us recognise unhelpful thoughts. Labelling our thoughts, also a Budhhist technique, helps us stop ruminating so the negative feelings don’t snowball.
What To Do
Become aware of your negative thoughts, label your thoughts —— for example, ‘my nobody loves me voice’, if you are feeling unloved, or ‘my exhaustion brain’, if you are tired. By seperating yourself from your thoughts in this way, you begin to take way your power and influence they have over you.