Work On Forgiveness
Many of us are in relationships where apologies are few and far between and grudges are held for decades. In Budhhism, grudge-holding is seen as detrimental to our karma. It is said to punish the grudge-holder more than a offender. While forgiveness feels like an act of compassion towards ourselves as it frees up mental space for more nourishing material than our grudge. Forgiveness —— which can be greatly assisted by a heartfelt apology —— is about letting go of the past and is one of the best things we can do for our wellbeing and relationship.
What To Do
Apologise when you behave badly and encourage your partner to do the same. Use your inmagination to help you feel empathy for your partner’s emotional difficulties. Work on letting go of anger and resentment about your partner’s past wrongs. Admit that you too are fallible.